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We fix inaccurate CSA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Reports:
Our Services include obtaining review and clean up of Commercial Driver License driver CSA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Program Report (Driver Profiles) . A Driver Advocate is assigned to your case and works to remove inaccurately reported citation or Crash data from  DOT or law enforcement roadside inspections in relation to Vehicle Maintenance, Improper Loading/Cargo Issues, Driver Fitness, Unsafe Driving, Drug/Alcohol or Crashes.

Get the job you deserve and avoid getting discharged/ denied employment or placed out of service (if you operate under your own authority).

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You need us if:

  • You have been denied a job because of your CSA2010 Driver Profile.
  • You have recently received a citation based on a DOT/other law enforcement inspection, or have been involved in a crash.
  • You are a company driver, lease operator, owner operator or have your own authority, you need to know what is on your CSA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Report so that inaccuracies on your Driver Profile can be disputed before your driving career is negatively impacted. 
What's in my CSA2010 Pre-Employment "BASIC" Report?
  • Your "Driver Profile" will contain inspection data for 36 months & and crash data for 60 months. 
Here are the 7 BASIC's (Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories):
  • Unsafe Driving: Operation of CMV ‘s in a dangerous or careless manner. Example violations:speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change, inattention (texting etc.)

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Maintenance violations. There are over 200 individual violation items in this category an most of them are charged to the driver, even if you are a "company driver". Examplesinclude brakes, lighting, fuel systems and coupling devices.

  • Cargo: Examples are shifted, dropped/unsafe or improper load securement.

  • Driver Fitness: Operation of CMV's by drivers who are unfit to operate due to lack of training, experience or medical qualifications. Examples are invalid CDL license or medically disqualified

  • Crash Indicator: Pattern of high crash involvement.
  • Controlled Substances and Alcohol: Operation of CMV's while impaired due to alcohol, illegal drugs, or misuse of prescription or over-the counter medications. 
  • Fatigued Driving: Log book violations as they relate to hours of service requirements, driving while ill /fatigued.
How does my report affect the Carrier's BASIC Report
and why should I be concerned?
The FMCSA now holds the Driver responsible for safety and performance.
Your CSA201 Driver Profile impacts the carrier's overall Basics Report!
Bad Driver Profiles can result in a CSA investigation. FMCSA can then take enforcement action against drivers who have overall poor safety histories. Notice of Violation (formal notice of saftey issues that requires a response) or Notice of Claim (fines) against the driver.
Guess what? You will go before a carrier risks an investigation. If you are seeking employment and you have a "negative high safety risk" Driver Profile, the carrier will take a driver with a good report over yours.


  • Our Driver Advocate Team has 3 years experience disputing inaccurate work history on the DAC Report (HireRight) used by all major US Carriers for evaluating a driver carrier work history (company policy violations, late delivery, abandonment, discharges etc.) We know the process for getting inaccurate /negative information removed Quickly & Easily. We understand the Federal Laws , FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Freedom of information Act) that must comply with FMCSA in our dispute of your CSA2010 Pre-employment Screening Report.
As a professional CDL holder, your CSA2010 report directly determines weather you are hired or fired. Get and keep the job you deserve. Let us help you.


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